Discipline, the New Self-Love

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As I read, Hebrews 12:5-7 I gained a new perspective on discipline.

By definition, disciple means to correct or train. Discipline also translates to a sign of love. Discipline is essentially teaching out of love.

Anything we don’t want to go haywire, we must discipline.

Think about identity. We develop our habits and reputations based on the ways we use our emotions, health, time, finances, social interactions, etc. We care about these things because they help us express who we are.

So how about this, if we love ourselves, we must discipline ourselves in these areas.

Stick with me...there's a mindset shift behind this: Since I love myself, I’ll do x at y frequency.

I talk to my client about taking better care of themselves in various capacities. Self-care comes in the form of affirmations and action with this theory. For example,

Time management - Since I love myself, I’ll book my nail appointments ahead of time instead of stressing at the last minute.

Finances - Since I love myself, I’m going to stay within my budget without compromising the things I regularly enjoy doing, like getting my nails done.

Social interactions - Since I love myself, I won't allow people who drain me to have access to me from this day forth. I'll stop complaining about people who annoy me and instead limit my interactions with them (because boundaries require love and discipline.)

The key is to say these things, believe these things, and act based on these things.

Look, it's new self-care, in the form of self-love.

Wishing you self-care and success.

- Lexx


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